Nino Schurter 

Mountain Bike

Olympic & World Champion

Since the beginning of my career I have trusted in SPONSER products. In addition to good compatibility, SPONSER combines Swiss innovation and the highest quality

Wendy Holdener


Alpine Skiing

World Champion

I appreciate the highest quality of the products.


Alexander Bachmann



World Champion

The effect and the different flavors delivered by the company Sponser are definitely unbeatable, simply delicious and effective.


Martina Wirtz


Fitness Model

Swiss quality, high quality products, cool brand!


Tadesse Abraham


Runner / Track & Field

European Champion

With Sponser I have found a competent partner. Sponser's regeneration products provide me with high-quality protein for regeneration. I especially like to use Pro Recovery. Particularly in the high-intensity training camps in Ethiopia, I benefit from the rapid availability of the highly functional protein preparations.


Maria Ugolkova



Olympic Champion

Best sports nutrition brand thanks to excellent products and personal nutritional advice.


Work can be stressful.

From important meetings and presentations to interviews, sometimes

In many situations, we need concentration and mental power.


Active food supplements, such as sponsored mental focus products, are potentially

Having tested how we can improve our performance

That is why I am very interested.


When following the protocol carefully, (taking medicines 1 day before and 4 days before a significant event, and taking extra medicines 1 day before the event),

I felt that my concentration was in full power mode.


React quickly

Very sharp,

With important details in mind, you can quickly adapt to the situation.


I highly recommend this product to those who want to stand on top.

J. Coste, Manager in a large international company